Look and You’ll See! See and You’ll Say.
Don't MIss The Harvest In Front of You!

The sign shouting out what I had hoped and prayed for was growing right in front of me – and I almost missed it. Somewhere between the seeds being planted, our faithful watering and tending of the seedlings and the middle of a long, hot summer, I lost my focus and nearly missed the harvest. […]

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For Love Of Martha
Accepting God's Love For Me

Oh, to experience the vibrancy of truly being alive each and every day! To be alive is one thing, to be active and vibrant, another. Yet how easily we accept what is less than life! It makes sense because it is easier and requires less of us. Wax fruit in a bowl looks lovely and […]

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Thoughts on Pilgrimage

All throughout Ireland are pilgrim paths of yesteryear. Literal walking trails where saints of old once walked as they made pilgrimage from one place of worship and study to another. Along nearly every road and trail throughout the land grow wild black raspberries, a welcome and satisfying refreshment as one walks. An Irishman once told […]

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Singing In The Rain

Dear Friends,  This coming Wednesday Jim and I lead a pilgrimage to Ireland and Iona, retracing the steps of Columba who lived in the 500’s. I have finally given in and joined the world of Instagram and hope to post there, so if you’re an Insta-grammer that’s where you may follow along. I’d love to […]

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At The End Of The Day

“One must wait till evening to see how lovely the day has been.” It is 6:30 in the morning Pacific Time and I’ve just had an evening moment. Funny, isn’t it, how one innocent little movement can unexpectedly stir one’s soul into awakeness and awareness. This morning it was the pool skimmer that did it […]

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Meaning of Bespoken

be·spo·ken | bəˈspōkən Origin: Old English Definition: To ask for in advance. What this means to us: What we do in intercessory prayer. Definition: To make arrangements. What this means to us: Preparing and equipping people to live fully alive in the Father’s embrace. Definition: To speak, to address. What this means to us: Using our […]

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