(Note: I wrote this while sitting for 3.5 hours in a dentist chair. Wow, did I get to practice what I’m preaching! Enjoy.)

Ready or not, here we go! In fact, according to the Biblical (Hebrew) calendar we’ve already launched into a new year, new decade, new era. Life events are happening so fast I am reminded of a jet taking off. In this analogy I have been seated in the seat that is mine, I’m strapped safely in and from all appearances can’t move much. Yet soon I will be forcefully projected through skies and spaces that are not my normal atmosphere. As this imaginary airliner taxis down the runway of life there is a force that pushes me against the seat back and causes me pause, wondering what I was thinking when I, of sound mind and judgement, purchased the ticket that set me on this unknown journey. For no matter how many times I’ve flown, somehow there is a deep realization that this flight will differ from all previous ones. This journey will take me further into the deep unknown of space as God’s deep calls to the deep within me. Peace comes to me knowing that the One who planned the day that lies ahead of me is my Father, the pilot is my Brother. Comfort comes remembering His Spirit travels within and around me.

 I’m not the only one who has felt the push back as the acceleration and lift-off pressed back against us in these wild, fast-paced days. But here we are! Still seated in heavenly places, still buckled in by grace, flying toward a new day. How grateful I am to have each of you traveling with me as we accelebrate into 2020! Liftoff and wheels up!

A well known public speaker recently talked about the acceleration we are experiencing in this season, as individuals as well as collectively. What I heard was not acceleration but accelebration, so I’ve coined a new term that will serve us well as we travel through each day. Events are happening and coming at us at an unprecedented speed.  The choice is ours – will we fear or celebrate what God is doing?

The prefix ‘ac’ means to go toward or a tendency to or in addition to. The word ‘celebrate’ has numerous meanings:

  1. Observe a day or commemorate an event with a ceremony or festivities; to honor.
  2. To praise widely, make known as in celebrating an accomplishment
  3. To proclaim, as in publicly announcing the end of a war via the media
  4. To solemnize or perform with appropriate rites and ceremonies, as in celebrating a wedding.

So, to accelebrate means our tendency now should be:

  1. To create heart space in addition to blocks of time set aside to remember and honor the One to whom we owe every breath.
  2. Praising always and everywhere, making Jesus known by celebrating the accomplishment of the cross and resurrection!
  3. Our natural inclination in this coming decade will be to proclaim and make known publicly what Holy Spirit has done and is doing in our lives. To not be afraid to give public testimony of how the war of fear and unbelief ended in our life.
  4. To recognize the overarching projection of all we do: that is, the wedding day coming when our Bridegroom claims us as His bride. Once we catch hold of what all of this means, we won’t be able but to celebrate as we accelerate. ACCELEBRATION!

Don’t give up! Yes, these days are new and situations both unknown and intimidating. And yes, there is a lot all coming at us very fast. Stir up your faith and allow courage to rise up. CHOOSE to let go of the wounds, the fears, the disappointments and lack of the last season and enter into the new. Choose to trust again. To have faith, to believe. To know Him and be known by Him.

A circumstance is the circle in which we take our stand. (Circum = circle. Stance= stand.) Find the place where you can stand firm and yet, in a divine dichotomy, keep moving full steam ahead. Think of it as sitting on that airplane. Strapped in and not moving, you have placed yourself in a situation (the aircraft) that is propelling you quickly and forcefully into your future. That, to me, is a good representation of this new age, where the upgrade of  “I can!” and “ I am!” now replaces, “I think I can” in our mindset.

In lieu of choosing whether to be brave or strong, let us choose both! We are headed toward a place in God where no man has gone before, because the promise Jesus gave is that we will do greater works than He did. We are flying up and over the mountains that have stood in our way in days past, celebrating as we accelerate. Onward and upward – ACCELEBRATION!

Welcome aboard!

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8 thoughts to “Accelebration!

  • Patti Shearston

    I loved reading “Accelebration”! Just what I needed for today! Thank you.

    • jbvanwin

      Thank you, sweet friend! And I needed your encouragement, as well! x

  • Linda

    Brenda, thank you for your message ACCELEBRATION! What an incredible word for “such a time as this”! Thank you for being obedient to hear and say what God is speaking to your heart.
    Blessings ❤

    • jbvanwin

      Thank you, Linda! What a blessing to hear from you! Accelebrating with you.

  • Ailsa Newton

    This is quite marvellous – and ‘catchy’
    … a good-for-memory-to-hold word!…
    therefore easy to access truth inherent!

    • jbvanwin

      I’m glad you think so, Ailsa! Rejoicing – accelebrating – with you from afar!

  • Donna Hooley

    Love it!!! Thanks

    • jbvanwin

      Thank you, Donna! Being a person of words, myself, I am greatly encouraged by your taking time to share your words with me!
      Hugs and blessings. x


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